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  • Supervisory Leadership
    Supervisory Leadership

    The Supervisory Leadership Program includes the following training:

    Supervisory Leadership includes the following topics: Managing Yourself, Managing a Work Crew, Clear Communication, Interpersonal Communication, The Team Advantage, Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Discipline.

  • Project Management
    Project Management

    The Project Management Program includes the following training:

    Minor Decisions: Major Impact; How to deal with real issues in Project Management. Scenario-based training includes how to manage best under pressure, resolving team conflicts, using best practices, and mitigating negative impacts on schedules and costs.

  • Business Management
    Business Management

    The Business Management Program includes the following training:

    This course is a no nonsense approach to management. You'll be able to create a customized strategic plan to move your business to the next level. Subjects include Business Management, Financial Management, Job Management, and Labor Management.

  • Electrical Estimating
    Electrical Estimating

    The Electrical Estimating Program includes the following training:

    Electrical Estimating is important to different individuals involved in the electrical industry. The apprentice and electrician need to have an understanding of estimating so as to gain a perspective of the value of their work. The aspiring estimator needs to understand the nuts and bolts of estimating to properly perform a complete and accurate estimate. The electrical contractor must know how to estimate to determine the job's selling price and for proper job management.

    Course Outline:
    Chapter 1 Introduction—the purpose, importance, and need for proper estimating.
    Chapter 2 About Estimating—what estimating is all about: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
    Chapter 3 Understanding Labor Units—what they are, how they’re used, and how to develop and use your own.
    Chapter 4 The Estimating Process—starting with estimate preparation and ending with extending and totaling of material cost and labor units.
    Chapter 5 The Summary and Bid Process—(A) how to summarize the estimate to determine the job’s estimated break-even cost, (B) determine profit margins and how to perform a bid analysis, (C) how to determine unit prices.
    Chapter 6 Estimating Residential Wiring—details of an estimate of a 3,700 sq ft home
    Chapter 7 Estimating Commercial Wiring—details of an estimate of a 7,740 sq ft bldg
    Chapter 8 Computer Estimating—the technical aspects of computer assisted estimates.

  • All Management Courses
    All Management Courses

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